How Does Uber Work?

If are thinking of picking Uber over other transportation services , or if you are interested in working with Uber as their driver, then there are good chances you might want to know how exactly this service works to figure out whether it is best suited for your needs or not. But before delving into detail on how Uber works, it is equally important for you to know what Uber is so that you can fully understand how it works and whether it is worth trying.

What is Uber?

It is a location-based app that is specially designed to enable people hire on-demand private drivers easily and whenever they need to. The convenient and inexpensive car service enables riders to hire private drivers to pick them up and also take them to the destination of their choice with just a tap of a button on their phones. It also enables people with cars to work as driver for a fee.

How does it work?

You can use Uber either as a rider or driver. Here is how the car transportation works for both drivers and passengers.

For passengers

Sign up and create an account with Uber-To get started with using this service as a rider or passenger, your first of all need to signup with them in order to create an account. Once you have signed up with Uber, download and install the Uber app on your Android, iPhone or Windows phone and then sign in the login prompt using the credentials you used when signing up with the service.

Link your credit card-Once you have signed in to your new Uber account, proceed and link your credit card as a way of payment. Alternatively, you can also link your Pay Pal account to your new account. Please note that riders are only charged once they take a ride.

Enjoy the service -Now you are ready to use Uber whenever you want a ride. Just open your Uber account each time you need a ride and then select the pickup location depending on your current location. Select the car service that you want from the bottom and then tap on the â€Set Pickup Location’. Tap on the â€Tap Location’ to confirm your location. A driver will be there to pick you up within no time.

How Uber works for drivers

Uber allows drivers to be their own boss. They can set their own working hours and earn a wage, all while using their own cars. For drivers to use this service, they first need to become a driver with Uber after meeting all the requirements. Drivers also need to own a good condition vehicle. Once they have met every requirement on the checklist, such as having a valid car insurance and a least a year of driving experience, then they can go ahead and apply to become an Uber driver. Thereafter, drivers who have applied to become drivers for Uber must wait for the confirmation email from Uber telling them the final steps should take to start picking riders for a fee.


Uber is truly a great car transportation service for both riders and drivers. You can either use this inexpensive and convenient service either as a rider or driver now that you know how it works.



Last Updated 9/19/2017

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