I think we can agree that we could all use a little extra cash in our pocket ... right? 

Well if thats the case then you have probably considered trying to make some money in your spare time by driving for uber. 

Just how do you make that happen though ?

Well in this post we will cover exactly that : 


Lets get started ! 


Want to Drive with Uber in your location?


Are you part of those increasing number of people who are considering becoming an Uber driver in your location? Well if thats the case then we can help! We will give you a step by step guide on the process of becoming an uber driver, and starting to make money in your spare time! Below we will outline some of the requirements for both drivers and vehicles which must be met. A number of the requirements are general while others are particular to a city or an area


Step 1: Things you will need to provide UBER :

  •  Provide Uber your personal information so that they can run a background check.
    • All drivers must do this so don't be concerned.
  •  Provide your vehicle information
    • This includes photos so that Uber can ensure that your car is up their standards
    • the interior
    • front bumper
    • rear bumper
  • Upload your car registration, driver's license, and insurance.


Step 2: Get the Car Inspected

As you can see from the required list Uber is not only concerned with you and your record, but also that of your car. You will need to have your car inspected at one of their inspection stations. Uber has many car inspection stations around the nation, but you will have to verify if there is an Uber car inspection station in your region. Another great thing about Uber is they run specials occasionally they provide bonuses for having your inspection carried out at one of their stations. This is what Uber is looking for in its inspections. 

All the following need to be functioning properly 

  • Headlights are functioning properly
  • Tail Lights are functioning properly
  • Turn Signals
  • Stop Lights 
  • Emergency / Parking Brake 
  • Windshield is uncracked 
  • Saftey belts for driver and passengers 
  • Rear windows working and uncracked
  • Front seat adjustment
  • Doors (Open/Close/Lock)
  • Horn 
  • Speedometer
  • Bumers in good condistion
  • Tires (Tread Depth, Air)
  • Interior and exterrior mrrors

There are also some third party inspection stations where you can have your car examined. The inspection is a simple matter. They just need to make sure your car is in normal working state, so don't be overly concerned. 


Step 3-You Pass the Background Check

After the above two steps, all that is left is to wait till your background check is cleared. They are going to check if you have had the following in the past seven years:

- Driving under influence or other offenses related to drug / alchohol

- Driving without valid license or insurance

- A history of reckless driving or fatal accidents

- Criminal history

It can take as little as three days for your background check to go through, though in other instances it may take more than a week. During this period, you are going to receive a welcome kit in the mail. Basically, it has an aux cord, a small Welcome manual and an Uber sticker which you are going to need to display inside the windshield of the car.



Begin Driving Your Uber in your area!

After the above three steps are completed, you will get an email from Uber which lets you know that your account has been activated. You are now ready to rock and roll (aka. drive with uber)!  If you have not received your activation email within a few days of completing these steps, we recommend you contact your local Uber support team. You can also try following these instructions to see if maybe the email just got sent to your spam folder. 

1. Open the Uber partner app on Iphone or Android and sign in.

2. You are going to see a button at the top of the screen which says "Go Online". Click on that, and one or two things are going to happen-

-If your account has been approved you will see a map appear and you are ready to start accepting ride requests. This shows you are approved, and may begin driving.

-First you see a message that says you have not yet been approved to drive. If this is the case, ensure all the above steps were completed correctly. You should also check the mail to find out if Uber sent you anything that asked you to upload any additional documents. When you are you are certain everything was completed, then it might be they are still waiting for your background check to come back in. On Rare occasions, they can take a couple of weeks to process. In this case, we recommend that you contact the local Uber support team, asking the status of your application.


Ready to start driving with Uber in your location ? 

Last Updated 10/19/2017

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